Jumping on people
Jumping on people
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Le 26 décembre 2017

I am trying to help a 30-pound mix puppy (5 months old) with greeting manner. She jumps sky high to people’s face when she gets near people. She also gets really excited around food (she nips as well). Her owners are very determined and desperate to fix the issue and putting a lot of time on training. So now she doesn’t jump as much on the owners but the strangers are the problem. Is it just puppy energy? Or is it something else? She jumps on people in the house and out on the streets.

She has done ‘phase 1’ training but she can only stay “calm” so long.  Would you use a head halter or starmark training collar? What type of method would you use on starmark -leash pump vs. pop? If using a head halter, how would you use it?

Please help.

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References: https://www.dogtraining.world/topic/jumping-on-people/

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