Chauffage infrarouge wifi sined chauffage infrarouge3200 wifi mpc

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    SINED Infrared Panel With Wifi App Infrared3200-WIFI-MPC Heater: Innovation and Comfort at Your Service In a world where innovation drives every choice, SINED has created a technological gem that is revolutionising the way we experience heating: the Infrared3200-WIFI-MPC Heater. This is not just a simple device, but a genuine leap into the future. The decision to use an aluminium alloy for the surface of the device guarantees superior electrical-thermal efficiency. This light and durable alloy facilitates heat transmission, making every corner of your room a perfect oasis of warmth. But that's not all, because SINED has enhanced the panel with a special NANO paint. This coating not only increases the efficiency of the device, but also ensures that the infrared rays emitted are completely harmless to the eyes. And not only that! Studies have shown that these rays can have a positive impact on health, improving circulation and general well-being. Differentiating itself from conventional heating systems, the Infrared3200-WIFI-MPC heater has a significantly lower environmental impact, with extremely low carbon emissions. This translates not only into significant energy savings but also into real help for our planet. And if you are wondering where you could install it, the answer is: anywhere! Thanks to its versatility, it is ideal for indoors and outdoors (if protected). Whether you want to make your terrace, balcony, patio or even church more welcoming, this panel is the solution. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, it offers the possibility of both ceiling and wall installation. The perfect combination of advanced technology and comfort. An investment for your home, your well-being and the planet. The main features of the Infrared3200-WIFI-MPC heater are numerous: Waterproof thanks to its IPX4 certification, you won't have to worry about accidental water splashes. Its heating is extremely fast, in just 5 minutes you will feel an even and comfortable heat. Designed for your safety, it is equipped with a system that prevents overheating. Forget expensive maintenance! This device is completely maintenance-free, and its durability is guaranteed. The constant distribution of heat avoids unnecessary energy losses, guaranteeing considerable savings on your energy bill. Respect for the environment and your health: no dust, noise, odours or harmful lighting. And, a small bonus for garden lovers: house plants will love the heat spread by this panel. Moreover, thanks to the integrated Wifi App, you can manage and control your heater directly from your smartphone, choosing from 4 available power settings Principales caractéristiques techniques du panneau infrarouge 1000W PuissanceSurface de couverture TensionCourant NominalTempérature surfaceDimensions cm Poids kg 3200W25-30 m² 230V 50/60Hz 13.9 A 300 °C 215,5x18,9x6,712.3 WIFI pour le plus grand confort de nos clients. Vous pouvez facilement télécharger l`application dédiée, App WIFI Tuya Smart, depuis Google Play et App Store iOS. Sur Google Play, pour android, à cette adresse e hl=it e gl=US Sur l`App Store pour iOS, à cette adresse

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